Vice President Mike Pence Campaigns for John Chrin in Luzerne County

(WBRE/WYOU-TV) Election 2018 once again took center stage Wednesday in Northeastern Pennsylvania as the second most powerful man in the United States made a campaign stop.  
Vice-President Pence rallied the GOP Troops for Congressional Candidate John Chrin.
Chrin is trying to unseat incumbent Democrat Matt Cartwright in the newly formed 8th Congressional District.  The I-Team’s Andy Mehalshick was at the rally.
It was a party atmosphere as Vice-President Mike Pence and congressional Candidate John Chrin took the stage. The GOP Is hoping the prestige of the vice-president can motivate voters both Republican and Democrats to vote for Chrin.
Chrin spoke to a crowd of around 300 people about the need to continue the Republican agenda. The Trump agenda.
"The President and the Vice-President need help with their agenda. I want to work with them and I will work with them to continue to make America great agenda to put Americans first"  John Chrin told the crowd.
Chrin also fired back at claims made by the Cartwright campaign that he is not a Pennsylvania resident “He also loves to confuse people and say John lives in New Jersey. I don't. I live in Monroe County. I vote here and I pay my taxes here" 
Then it was the Vice-President's turn. Immediately bringing the Trump mystic to the crowd   "I’m here on his behalf and on my own behalf for one reason and one reason only - Pennsylvania and America needs John Chrin in the Congress of the United States of America" 
Mr. Pence talked about what he sees as GOP successes that will continue with the help of Chrin,   "4.3 million new jobs created in the last two years and unemployment at a 50 year low" the Vice President told the group.
And the Vice-President hammered away at one theme   "In John Chrin you have a true conservative who literally embodies Pennsylvania values and will put Pennsylvania first."
By Bob Kalinowski
Oct 25, 2018