Economy & Jobs

Drawing on his experience as a successful businessman, John Chrin is enthusiastic about the economic opportunities for Northeast Pennsylvania. Nestled between the high-tax states of New York and New Jersey, Northeast Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to harness its assets and capitalize on the businesses fleeing high costs of living.  Northeast Pennsylvania offers a dedicated and talented workforce for employers.  But we need a plan for success:

  • The decline of manufacturing and industry jobs in our area makes it a necessity to provide retraining programs for individuals who need additional skills to succeed in the workforce.
  • We should provide incentives for businesses of all sizes to offer apprenticeships to young people. Entrepreneurs training the next generation of small business owners, without the heavy burden of student debt.
  • John Chrin will work to promote plans that strengthen our economy, increase worker pay,  and cut taxes for the middle class and small businesses.


As a product of public schools in Northeast PA, John Chrin feels strongly that public education is not living up to its potential in our country.

  • We should reassess curriculums so that K-12 students have the technical, quantitative, writing, and speaking skills to succeed in the workforce.
  • Public schools should have a financial literacy requirement so that students are prepared to face the financial challenges of young adulthood.
  • Pennsylvania currently has the highest average student loan debt per borrower of any state in the nation. We need a plan to reassess student loans to lower the burden of pursuing college or vocational school.


Obamacare is not working. It has failed in providing affordable, quality coverage and is driving up rates for everyone. John Chrin supports a health care system that puts patients first, allows small businesses to pool together to purchase plans, allows for the purchase of health insurance across state lines, and encourages competition.

I support healthcare coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions.

I will protect and preserve the benefits of Social Security and Medicare promised to our seniors and all individuals who have paid into the system. We have an obligation to make the system solvent and make it stronger for future generations.


America’s immigration system is broken. We need to secure our borders, not only as a critical matter of national security but to also prevent illegal immigrants and contraband like drugs from flowing into our country. John Chrin strongly opposes sanctuary cities which flagrantly disregard the rule of law, are an insult to legal immigrants and hinder the collaborative efforts of state and local law enforcement and our federal agencies. 

Second Amendment

John Chrin is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and a lifetime member of the NRA.  John understands the importance of gun rights when it comes to self-defense, hunting, and home protection.  These rights were enshrined in our Constitution because they are essential to our liberty.


John Chrin is pro-life and will protect the sanctity of life.