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Thank You


Throughout my life, sitting on the sidelines has never been an option for me. Over the course of this hard-fought campaign, I have traveled across the 8th district. I have listened to area residents. I have learned about their wishes, concerns, and hopes for a better future.

I came back home to give back, and to make sure that the idea of the American Dream is real for all Northeastern Pennsylvanians.

Though we did not get the result we wanted, I am not defeated. I am steadfast in my belief that a brighter future for Northeastern PA is attainable.

Thank you to my wife, Maria, and my family, for allowing me to take this wonderful journey with all of you.

I want to thank all my many supporters. My gratitude runs deep for all they've given to help me realize a dream of mine, a dream of giving back to Pennsylvania.

I am committed to giving back to this state and region that has given me much. 

I look forward to serving the great people of Pennsylvania over my lifetime.

- John