Rating change in Cartwright-Chrin race may indicate race is tightening

Times Leader
By Bill O’Boyle

WILKES-BARRE — Inside Elections, which provides non-partisan analysis of campaigns, announced a rating change Tuesday in the 8th Congressional District race from “Likely Democratic” to “Lean Democratic.”

The 8th District race features Democratic incumbent Matt Cartwright against Republican John Chrin.

In a news release, Chrin’s campaign said the significance of the rating change is that “it continues to show the vulnerability of Matt Cartwright running against John Chrin, a strong candidate in a newly drawn congressional district where Republicans strongly performed in 2016.”

“I stand for policies that will bring prosperity to Northeast Pennsylvanians and to our country,” Chrin said. “These include insuring that the tax cuts are not overturned, excessive regulations go away, and there are opportunities for new job creation. My opponent, Matthew Cartwright, voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and supports its repeal. Hardworking families all across the 8th District are benefiting from these tax cuts and cannot afford Matthew Cartwright’s tax hikes.”


Chrin, a Lehigh Valley native who lived in New Jersey for years, said he is a 10th generation Pennsylvanian who grew up in a working class family with roots in both the state’s coal mining and steel industries. He said small business entrepreneurship also runs in his family with several family members operating small businesses in the state.

“Through my family’s hard work and determination over many generations we have been able to live the American dream,” Chrin said. “Now, I want to use my business background to grow opportunities for Northeast Pennsylvanians.”

Chrin said the increased attention on the race indicates how competitive it should be this fall.

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