John Chrin Wins Republican Primary for 8th District

SCRANTON, Pa. -- John Chrin declared victory Tuesday in a tight race for the Republican nomination for the U.S. House in Pennsylvania's newly drawn 8th District.

The Republican candidate received an enthusiastic welcome from supporters at the Hilton in downtown Scranton.

Chrin was running against two other Republicans, Joe Peters and Robert Kuniegel.

Peters, a well-known opponent with experience in both politics and law enforcement, had an early lead.  Those numbers turned in Chrin's favor as more precincts reported results making Chrin the projected winner.

"What could be better? I mean, to be with such a great group of people, to be in Scranton, to now move on to what would be the third step to really try to the fight for the people of northeast Pennsylvania," Chrin said.

Chrin said he is looking forward to facing off against Democrat Matt Cartwright in the fall.

"Continue to do what I've done my entire life: live Pennsylvania values in my heart and in my actions, everything I do, to work hard, and the truth will come out, and I think when the people really see the difference in terms of the values in what Matt represents and what I represent," Chrin said.

Chrin lives in the Lehigh Valley where he is from, but he has only lived there for the past year to reestablish Pennsylvania residency in order to run in this race. Before then, he and his wife lived in New Jersey.

Chrin far outspent his opponents, even pumping an estimated $700,000 of his own money into his campaign.

Today is also Chrin's 55th birthday. After he gave his victory speech, the crowd erupted into a rendition of "Happy Birthday."


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