Vets for Trump Endorses John Chrin For Congress

(Scranton, PA) – Today, John Chrin’s campaign announced that John had received the Vets for Trump endorsement for his campaign to represent Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district.

“We fully endorse John Chrin who is running the 8th District of Pennsylvania,” said Mike Kelly, chairman of Vets for Trump. “John Chrin shares our values, supports our military and veterans and supports President Donald Trump. John’s opponent, Rep. Matt Cartwright claims to be a fighter for veterans but consistently is an obstructionist to the President’s agenda. John will work with President Trump to support our military, continue needed reforms at the V.A., build the wall, and secure our borders.

We need to keep moving President Trump’s agenda forward. John is joining the fight to keep us on the right path. Remember, not a single Democrat voted for our tax cuts! Yes, the military and veterans pay taxes!  John’s supports the tax cuts, keeping unemployment at historic low levels for everyone and stands for America First!”

“I am thrilled to receive the Vets for Trump endorsement!” said Chrin. “Like President Trump, I have a heart for veterans. My dad served in Vietnam. I have numerous relatives who have served in our military going as far back at the Revolutionary War. I believe in the America First agenda being pursued by our President Donald Trump. I will support that agenda in Congress. I will be a fighter for our Northeastern PA veterans and all veterans when elected to Congress,” said Chrin. 

John is a 10th generation Pennsylvanian, Monroe County resident, political outsider, and successful self-made business leader with over thirty years of experience in the private sector. He has created thousands of jobs over his career and will use this vast experience for the benefit of Northeastern Pennsylvania.