NRCC Announces John Chrin as one of it's Young Guns for 2018

(Scranton, PA) – Today, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) announced John Chrin (R-Skytop) as one of its Young Guns for the 2018 election cycle. This announcement follows John’s May 15th primary win in Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District and indicates the NRCC sees John as a strong candidate to pick up the seat currently held by incumbent Matt Cartwright. 

“The key differences between my opponent and I are that he is for tax increases that threaten small business' competitiveness and is in favor of the job killing regulatory environment of the previous administration”, says Chrin.

“I understand the importance of keeping taxes low and cutting regulations so that business owners across the country have the needed tools to continue positive growth and job creation. Matthew Cartwright voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and supports its repeal. Hardworking families all across Northeastern Pennsylvania are benefitting from these tax cuts and cannot afford Matthew Cartwright’s tax hikes. When I talk to local small businesses, they know the dire economic consequences of hiking taxes on employers. The bottom line is that Matthew Cartwright’s tax hikes are a first class ticket to recession. 

I am strongly against sanctuary cities while Cartwright has a long history of supporting them. I am also for lowering the cost of healthcare while Cartwright supports unaffordable healthcare policies.”

The NRCC’s continued support indicates how competitive the race for Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District will be this fall. It also signals the vulnerability of Matt Cartwright who routinely has voted against the interests of hardworking Northeastern Pennsylvania constituents.

John Chrin is an outsider and successful business leader with over twenty years of experience in the financial services sector. He has created thousands of jobs. 

Northeastern Pennsylvania deserves a leader who shares our values. That leader is John Chrin.