Matt Cartwright's Tax Hypocrisy

Matt Cartwright's hypocrisy on failure to pay his taxes

In July, we ran an ad that highlighted Cartwright's failure to pay his taxes on his luxury DC condo.

A story later ran reporting that Cartwright failed to pay his own taxes on his luxury Washington condo over several years’ time.

But it gets worse, a video from a 2016 congressional debate shows Matt Cartwright scolding his then congressional opponent for failure to pay his taxes. 

In the debate, Cartwright says, "Many Americans work hard to struggle and make ends meet, play by the rules, but they don't make excuses.  They pay their taxes.  Don't they deserve a Congressman who doesn't make excuses but goes ahead and pays his taxes?" 
Our campaign released a new digital ad centered on Cartwright's hypocrisy.