Chrin Gets Message

Editor: Rep. Matt Cartwright is exactly what is wrong with politics today.

You have a guy born into privilege, raised in Canada, a trial attorney, telling the voters that he is more of a likable guy than Republican candidate John Chrin, who was born, raised and educated in Pennsylvania. The 2016 election seemed to me like a referendum on the "politician" advancing status quo ideas versus a businessman with commonsense principles that guides him.

Did Cartwright and his angry progressive friends not get the message? I guess not, because Chrin was paying attention. He's working his tail off. When you follow him on social media, he's everywhere. He's routinely in every one of the five counties of the 8th congressional district.

Cartwright can continue with the status quo "works for you" rhetoric.

I'll take the businessman with common sense any day of the week.

Joseph Bolin
The Times-Tribune