Chrin Campaign Statement on Cartwright Tax Hypocrisy

(Scranton, PA) – Today, John Chrin’s campaign released a statement on a video that has surfaced from a 2016 congressional debate showing Matt Cartwright scolding his then congressional opponent for failure to pay his taxes.

The video clearly shows Cartwright attacking his opponent over tax delinquency issues occurring over several years’ time. “Many Americans work hard to struggle and make ends meet, play by the rules, but they don’t make excuses. They pay their taxes. Don’t they deserve a Congressman who doesn’t make excuses but goes ahead and pays his taxes?” said Cartwright.

The video comes on the heels of local reporting that highlighted Cartwright’s own failure to pay taxes on time on Cartwright’s luxury Washington condo.

“This is a gold medal performance in hypocrisy,” said Chrin. “Matthew Cartwright should hold himself to the same standard that he projected onto his opponent in 2016. Cartwright must think that this standard doesn’t apply to him as a Congressman. The people of Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district deserve a Congressman who doesn’t believe that the same rules that hardworking Pennsylvanians must adhere to, don’t apply to him.”

John Chrin is a 10th generation Pennsylvanian, political outsider, and successful business leader with over thirty years of experience in the private sector. He has created thousands of jobs over his career and will use this vast experience for the benefit of Northeast Pennsylvania.